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ROSE is here!


It is an indisputable fact that everything that happens within the walls of the Service department is tracked and controlled by the repair order. Most personnel in the department are paid directly or indirectly by what happens on the repair order. The repair order is so crucial, that what happens in the shop can be completely different than what is represented on the repair order. However, when that repair order is closed, and the charges are posted to accounting, there is a very good chance that, right or wrong, the result will show on the financial statement. With this in mind, it is important to know as accurately as possible, when and how the facts and figures become what they are.

When completing a manual repair order survey, time is not your friend. Given the task to accumulate repair orders, review them, document each item and tabulate the findings, it may require you to implement a new structured process just to get started.

Now there is a better way. It is M5’s Repair Order Survey Evaluation - ROSE.

Tools of the Trade

Jerry Wakefield NewsletterWe all have walked through shops and seen the enormous tool boxes many techs have. We most likely have also seen techs with multiple tool boxes overflowing with tools. Some of you may ask why do they need all these tools and tool boxes? I'm confident that if you ask the techs, you will hear a common response; "The right tool helps me complete the job much quicker". You also may hear "I need the big tool box so I can find the tools I need quicker". Is there a theme here? You bet! The more efficient the tech is, the more money they can make.


Where Do You Sit?

bob kellerman newsletterWhere do you sit? I am sure this newsletter may not make me popular with some managers but the truth is sometimes hard to swallow. Service Managers have lots of tasks they have to perform every day, they run reports, they track Sales, Gross, Hours, ELR, CSI, ect. ect. They do payroll, They Interview prospective employees, sometimes they deal with the drama of the existing employees, and they deal with Issues between Sales and Service, they deal with issues between Parts and Service and on and on.


Every Day Is A Party

Chuck-WenzlerYou may not realize it, but there is a party every day in the service department. Instead of a guest list, there’s an appointment schedule. That schedule tells you who is coming, when they will arrive and what they are bringing with to the party.

 Now, they generally don’t bring chips, dip, assorted snacks and tasty beverages. They bring oil changes, brake jobs, transmission issues and a variety of unusual noises. All of which we should be welcoming with open arms, just as we would if the party were at our own homes.


Be Prepared!

Greg-Lingenfelter When I hear those words, “be prepared”, it reminds me of the Boy Scout motto is to always be in a state of readiness. When it comes to your service department, ask yourself, “is my department prepared?”

 Each day you have those things you can’t plan for:  employee calls in sick, unexpected tow in, the “re-check”, spot delivery, computer issues, unexpected meeting, and the list goes on.  So, “be prepared for what” you ask?  Well, let’s start with being prepared for those customers that have taken the time to call ahead and schedule an appointment.


Are You Truly Merchandising?

todd-grant-newsletter Many times dealerships are trying to improve maintenance sales through processes, but forget the basics. Service advisors present menus and perform walk arounds to promote maintenance sales. Can we do better?


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