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We strive to revolutionize the Fixed Operations industry through our passion and enthusiasm, and help our clients prosper through strategic innovation and custom solutions for their improvement.

ROSE is here!


It is an indisputable fact that everything that happens within the walls of the Service department is tracked and controlled by the repair order. Most personnel in the department are paid directly or indirectly by what happens on the repair order. The repair order is so crucial, that what happens in the shop can be completely different than what is represented on the repair order. However, when that repair order is closed, and the charges are posted to accounting, there is a very good chance that, right or wrong, the result will show on the financial statement. With this in mind, it is important to know as accurately as possible, when and how the facts and figures become what they are.

When completing a manual repair order survey, time is not your friend. Given the task to accumulate repair orders, review them, document each item and tabulate the findings, it may require you to implement a new structured process just to get started.

Now there is a better way. It is M5’s Repair Order Survey Evaluation - ROSE.

Independent Service Providers Are Eating Our Lunch

stan ribeiro newsletterIt gives me great pain to report my firsthand experiences with a local independent service provider (ISP).

 I have been in the dealership world for over 30 years and bring passion and enthusiasm to the people I work with every day. During any one of our special consulting visits to our clients, the M5 team and I develop and deliver the customer experience as the driving force to retention. It saddens me to say, not all the dealerships’ service staffs have embraced this concept. Are they slow learners or just haven’t had the opportunity to acquire the tools to succeed? Who knows, but another customer goes away.


Making an Impact

Adam Wright NewsletterA defining characteristic of businesses that are successful over the long term is the ability to continually adapt to change.  Knowing what to change, when to do it and how to do it well is a task that can stump even the most progressive and well-meaning dealers and their managers.
There are three roles that must be taken by someone who wants to effect sustainable change in a dealership – the Weed Killer, the Surgeon and the Sledgehammer.


O.K. Dealership Break's Over, Back to Work

Lee Newsletter PicI’m blessed to have worked with many dealership service department managers over the years. Our business has no limits. The only perceived limits are the edges of our imagination. I’m not trying to get too philosophical.

 But let me frame the current state of affairs at many dealerships. We have more demands on our businesses than we have production capacity to handle them. Many managers are sitting back complaining about how hard it is. Well, guess what?  That’s why they call it work.


Obsolete Parts: How Do I Get Rid of Them and Prevent Them? - Part 2

Jerry Wakefield NewsletterThis is Part 2 in a two-part article. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here: Part 1.

 The first part of this article addressed some of the methods I have seen and used to reduce obsolete parts. You will most likely have to discuss one or more of these options with your dealer, but have that conversation. Remember that's why he hired you--to manage his investment and get a return on his investment, which is your parts inventory.


Obsolete Parts: How Do I Get Rid of Them and Prevent Them? - Part 1

Jerry Wakefield NewsletterThis is Part 1 in a two-part article. Be sure to check back next week for Part 2.

 I have been asked by many dealers how to get rid of their obsolete parts, and what they can do to prevent this from happening again. Let me say that getting rid of the obsolete parts is a lot more difficult than preventing them.


Are You Advertising or Marketing?

Charlie NewsletterWhat are you doing to grow your business, advertising or marketing? Marketing is the systematic planning, implementation and control of a mix of activities for the purpose of promoting or selling a product, service or brand. In fact, marketing is the “umbrella” that encompasses all of the efforts required to attract, motivate and retain the customer. While these efforts include advertising, they also include the following:


When Pay Plans Are Designed to Manage People, the Only Thing People Manage Is Their Pay Plan

jeff ryan newsletterAs a traveling consultant I have had many opportunities to visit dealerships across the country. There are some common themes I have come across regardless of the location. First, let me say that every dealership operates under its own set of dynamics and structures; however, when the subject of customer acknowledgement comes up, many dealerships struggle with getting their people to greet and acknowledge customers in a timely fashion. The comparison of fast food restaurants often comes up and the verbiage usually goes something like this, “I don’t understand how you can go to a drive thru at a fast food restaurant and get a consistent friendly greeting every time and they are getting paid minimum wage, while my people are making 60k-70k per year and it’s a struggle just to get them to acknowledge our customers.”


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