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We strive to revolutionize the Fixed Operations industry through our passion and enthusiasm, and help our clients prosper through strategic innovation and custom solutions for their improvement.

ROSE is here!


It is an indisputable fact that everything that happens within the walls of the Service department is tracked and controlled by the repair order. Most personnel in the department are paid directly or indirectly by what happens on the repair order. The repair order is so crucial, that what happens in the shop can be completely different than what is represented on the repair order. However, when that repair order is closed, and the charges are posted to accounting, there is a very good chance that, right or wrong, the result will show on the financial statement. With this in mind, it is important to know as accurately as possible, when and how the facts and figures become what they are.

When completing a manual repair order survey, time is not your friend. Given the task to accumulate repair orders, review them, document each item and tabulate the findings, it may require you to implement a new structured process just to get started.

Now there is a better way. It is M5’s Repair Order Survey Evaluation - ROSE.

Express Service Drop-Off and Pick-Up Considerations - Part 2

David Dietrich NewsletterThis is the second part in a three-part series. Be sure to check back next week for part 3.

 If you missed part 1, you can find it here: Part 1

 The most critical component of any service department transaction is the initial customer contact, i.e., when the customer calls to set up an appointment.  The impression made by the employee taking the call, and the information taken, sets the tone that will determine the success of the transaction regarding both customer satisfaction and service sales.  With express drop-off and pick-up, it is imperative that the dealership employees handling the reservation process receive thorough training on the process.


Express Service Drop-Off and Pick-Up Considerations - Part 1

David Dietrich NewsletterThis is the first part in a three part series. Be sure to check back next week for part 2.

 Service guests in today’s fast-paced world are accustomed to drive-thrus, quick lanes and other express accommodations.  Most people are drawn to this type of service, and in many cases, regard price as a minor concern.


Breaking Down the Walls

Chuck-WenzlerI was watching television the other day and saw a commercial for an online game called “Game of War.” I am not a player of these types of games, but it seemed to me that the goal was to capture other kingdoms and build walls to keep your opponents out. I can only imagine that the one with the largest kingdom wins.


Employee Retention is Golden!

joe-carroll-newsletterI was visiting a dealership out west in the oil and gas fields when they announced the following retirement program to their employees. Turnover had been high in this area because of the demand for qualified employees. This program went over extremely well and almost every employee signed up.  I believe it is a great value to the employees, a way to retain employees, and attract new ones.


Amelia Island 2015 - There has to be some fun in this business!

Jim NewsletterBy now those of you that read my stuff regularly know that I’m a big fan of old cars, especially race cars, and the Amelia Island Concours is the best in the country for this venue, now celebrating 20 years and going strong.

Every year I spend a long weekend at this event to see old friends, old cars, and new venues from manufacturers. This year in addition to Mercedes Benz, who is a major sponsor of the event, Jaguar, Porsche, Panoz, Infiniti, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Buick, Maserati and Lamborghini were present to show off their new offerings.


We Need Technicians?

mike stallings newsletterI visit many dealerships over the course of a year. Many times, the first topic of discussion involves technicians. I hear things like, “I can’t find them” or “I can’t keep them from keep quitting.” Then I happen to visit a dealership that has plenty of techs and more waiting to come on board. When talking to the service managers who don’t have techs and can’t seem to hire them, the excuse is typically pay scale. However, I have found that not to be the case in most circumstances—dealers are attuned to the pay scale in the area.


Are Your Female Guests Comfortable?

todd-grant-newsletterYour female customers make buying decisions based not only on how much they like your product or service, but how much they like you as a business owner. If you can make them feel comfortable about you and your company, you will break down some of the barriers selling to your female guests. Surveys reveal that a majority of decisions regarding vehicle repair are now decided by women, whether as single car owners or married household decision makers.


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