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M5™ is a performance improvement coaching firm that specializes in advancing fixed operations of auto dealerships around the world. Our website is a great venue to view our company’s goals, objectives, and philosophy in serving our clients.One of our main goals is providing state-of-the-industry ideas and techniques enabling our clients to advance their level of performance in fixed operations. Be sure to visit "Meet Our Staff" to view our greatest asset: our people! Our professional team knows how to effect positive change and they do it with a high level of passion and enthusiasm.

The New M5 Offices! - A Work In Progress - Updated 04/16/14

We're happy to announce that we've started work on our new office location! Please click the image below to see the progress gallery on our Facebook page!

new office wip


Tip of the Week: Staying Productive

In this series we give you small tips to improve your Fixed Operations department.

There's More to Life Outside the Dealership

Jim NewsletterWe all eat, sleep, and breathe the car business. The problem is that we typically do it in the same place, with the same people, and the same perspective for most of our working lives. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does leave many of us with a limited view of our industry.

I’ve had the fortune of working both in retail, and for manufacturers and distributors, which has broadened my appreciation for all that we do for this country. Make no mistake, people in our business provide a multitude of services to our communities and our economy; jobs, charitable contributions, taxes, and essential services. What is rare is the opportunity to see all of this displayed in one place, and on an industry wide basis.


Tip of the Week - Service to Sales Handoff

In this series we give you small tips to improve your Fixed Operations department.

What is Experience Worth?

brenda trackwell newsletterHave you considered that your dedicated service advisor for quick oil changes is generally your least trained employee and spends the most time with your knowledgeable customers. Whose choices and opinions can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line? Now ask yourself how is your customer satisfaction?


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